Neighborhood History

The Van Vorst family was part of the earliest European settlers of the west bank of the Hudson.  The area around our park was a community long before it was an established township or part of the ever growing Jersey City.  Cornelius Van Vorst was amongst the 5th generation of the Van Vorst family to live in this area.  Not only was he an ardent supporter of the revolution against England but was our 12th Mayor of Jersey City from 1860-1862.

The Van Vorst township existed from 1841 until it was annexed by Jersey City in 1851.  Our urban streetscape includes everything from the magnificent City Hall to the refurbished Dixon Mills, from the Barrow Mansion on Wayne to the Victorian row homes on Mercer. Our stunning Van Vorst Park was established around 1850 as part of concession.  A fence & trees were planted by the Van Vorst family in exchange for surplus dirt from the Park.  Who knew dirt could be so important in history!!

In 1984 the Van Vorst Park Neighborhood was included in the National Register of Historic Places.

Historic Van Vorst Park Neighborhood Boundaries