Dear Van Vorst Park Friends and Neighbors, 

Historically the VVPA does not hold a meeting for the month of August.  With many still struggling to adjust to a new life of normalcy with Covid-19, and managing recovery after tropical storm Isaias, it has been determined that everyone needs a moment to regroup, including our volunteer board. However, we are still actively listening and preparing to provide you with an interesting and informative September virtual meeting.  

In the meantime please keep in mind the following:

  • We would like you to continue being safe and considerate by wearing your masks for your protection and for those around you.
  • We hope everyone has completed the Census for 2020 and informed others to do spread the word to others.
  • The VVPA signed up to help on the SAFE STREETS PROJECT, this coming Tuesday 8/25 at 4pm. We will pick a location we can meet with volunteers interested in helping. We have created this google form that can be shared with volunteers to fill out as they survey the streets. Once we all meet at a safe distance there will be a quick walkthrough of the project and everyone will be shown how to fill out the form. Then you would be assigned streets to survey depending on how many volunteers sign-up. 
    • Councilman Solomon’s office is putting together a neighborhood-based initiative to survey all the streets in Downtown Jersey City in efforts to make streets safer. The objective is to identify what streets need striping, new parking signs, stop signs, and any other visible issues on the streets(ex. graffiti, curb extensions, damaged delineators). Our goal is to work with all the neighborhood associations and identify dates and times that work for each neighborhood association to go out with volunteers. We will have a team member from our office at each walkthrough to help answer any questions. All information will be collected through google forms. A social distance training will happen 15 minutes before the chosen time and date for that neighborhood. During the surveying of streets, we will make sure to adhere to all CDC guidelines (social distancing, mask-wearing etc). Through this initiative, we will create a catalog of all these concerns and then work with DPW and our Traffic and Engineering team to address them all.
  •  There will be a Virtual Special Meeting of the Jersey City Planning Board on the date and time of August 25, 2020 at 5:30 pm. 

7. Case: P19-120 
For: Preliminary and Final Major Site Plan Amendment 
Address: 333 Grand Street 
Applicant: 333 Grand Street, LLC 
Attorney: James McCann, Esq. 
Block: 14002 
Lot: 1.04 
Zone: Liberty Harbor North Redevelopment Plan 
Description: Remand from the Superior Court of New Jersey to conduct a Whispering Woods hearing to consider approval of the as-built amenities structure as a permissible attic with substantial changes and relief of condition of Approval No. 5, 6 and 7 in resolution P15-015.1. 

Best Regards, 

Benjamin Bernouy 
Van Vorst Park Association

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