If you happen to be out for a stroll this evening we are happy to share an event that will take place TONIGHT from 6-8PM! A ‘Stroll-by Concert’ on the porch of the Barrow Mansion. (Location: 83 Wayne Street between Barrow Street and Jersey Avenue in Downtown Jersey City) 

STROLL BY or bring a chair & sit socially distant in the park across the street, and enjoy Jazz with the Tim Hegarty Quintet.

This is a Social-Distancing event. Masks/Face coverings are required. Maintaining 6 feet from others is also required. Let’s be safe and enjoy the music! 
St Matthews Church Needs Our Support 
Next door to the Barrow is Saint Matthew’s Church & Food Pantry.  The Pantry regularly gives groceries to more than 600 families per month. But understandably since COVID-19,  the numbers have DOUBLED!  The Pantry sure could use your help!!!  NO food donations or volunteers are needed. They just need CASH for maintaining operations to meet the NEED!!!

St. Mattew’s Church is a long standing friend and community partner to the Van Vorst Park Association and the Barrow Mansion. Today they need our support more than ever:   

“We’re excited to announce that as of now, you can do your giving to St. Matthew’s online! As we’ve moved to remote worship services in these difficult times, you can consider this a virtual offering plate. If you have been unable to do your normal weekly giving and would like to, you can use the online system and select “Offering”.

We also want to let you know that our Food Pantry ministry is still very much running at this time. In fact, the need is greater than ever right now. If you would like to give specifically to the Food Pantry, you can use the same link and select “St. Matthew’s Food Pantry” to target your gift to help feed our neighbors.”

***** DONATE ONLINE******

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