VVP Farmer’s Market returns! Saturday, 5/23 8AM-2PM

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Dear Friends and Neighbors, 

We are excited to announce that Farmer’s Market returns to Van Vorst Park tomorrow – Saturday May 23, 8 AM – 2 PM

 At this time Van Vorst Park will be open for farmers market shopping only. 
Kindly refer to to the map below as following regulations will apply:

1. Face coverings must be worn to enter the market.
2. No dogs allowed in the market.
3. Maximum of two from same family, living together, to be in line.
4. Enter mid York st, Exit to Montgomery. No entry from Montgomery.
5. No access to the park from market, no access from park to the market.
6. Customers cannot touch food products.
7. No hand to hand contact.
8. Must keep 6′ from other customers and vendors.
9. Please move as quickly as possible through the market.

A Message to Visitors of Van Vorst Park

Van Vorst Park needs volunteers! Please email vvpanews@gmail.com if you would like to help.

– As the park prepares to reopen, we kindly ask your help in maintaining our playful sanctuary and keep the following in mind:Please do not let the dogs urinate on the grass in the park. Why? – Because the salts and acidity of their urine will kill the grassroots.

– Please do not let the dogs poop on the grass. Why? – Because children play and adults lay in the grass with their children, and it’s not very pleasant to go over with the lawnmower.

– Please do not play kickball, football, or any group sports on the pet-free lawns. Why? – Because there is an ordinance prohibiting such use, and you prevent others from using the lawn. Also, the grass gets ripped up from the roots and leaves bare spots that become muddy areas.

– Please do not pick the flowers. Why? – Because they have been planted by your neighbors to be enjoyed by everyone, and in essence, it’s stealing.

– Please have adults and children wear face masks and keep social distancing. Why? – Because of state requirements.

– Please do not play in the playground, sandbox, or the swings. Why? – Because they are currently closed due to COVID restrictions and will be remodeled.

– Please do not have any gatherings of groups

– Please do not throw trash or leave food on park grounds. Why? – Do we really need to explain why?

– Please be aware that many people will be touching the benches, railings, and picnic tables where COVID-19 could be transmitted. 

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