Dear Van Vorst Neighbors,

Jersey City and its resilient residents have withstood so much over the span of a century. As neighbors, as a community, as a school district and as a City we will make it through our current crisis. “Chilltown” has withstood the aftermath of several historical disasters, from the Black Tom Island fire (Liberty State Park) of 1916, SARS in 2003, to Hurricane Sandy of 2012. Even through devastating losses we have continued to rise above and find a way to make life better and stronger.

As we are bombarded daily with media messages advising us to keep a distance from others to help contain the spread of the Coronavirus, please remember that we will only overcome this crisis with each other’s support. There is no room for greed, selfishness and fear.  Educate yourself and share pertinent information with others. None of us should feel abandoned and alone. Moral support does not put us at risk nor cost us a fortune. Let us stay true to the good tradition of neighbors looking out for neighbors.

Although the VVPA had every intention of continuing to hold its monthly meetings to allow our residents to feel the comfort and security of being with neighbors and friends, it is ultimately more prudent and responsible not to expose anyone to un-necessary risk.

In the meantime we are actively coordinating efforts to come up with alternative ways of bringing you the information that VVPA members have come to expect and enjoy. Just because we are temporarily unable to come together we can still remain involved and informed. 

We have suspended our Tuesday, March 17th meeting, and we are looking forward to picking things back up again for Tuesday April 21st.  Our heartfelt thanks to the board of directors, guest speakers and membership for your continued support and willingness to be of service.  

With warmest wishes to our VVPA family, neighbors and friends, and to all our loved ones in JC, across the US and all over the World. Stay healthy and safe. 

Benjamin Bernouy
Van Vorst Park Association

Jersey City UPDATES about COVID-19


Yesterday evening we had our 4th positive (Jersey City) case and we recognize where this can trend if we don’t get ahead of it. Effective noon today the following establishments will be closed: ‬

– Bars and nightclubs that do not serve food 
– Movie theaters, performance centers 
– Gyms; fitness centers; barber shops; daycare centers; nail salons
– All restaurants are prohibited from providing dine-in services, but will be allowed to have take-out, delivery, and drive-through services. (For your convenience: has put together a helpful running list of restaurants offering take out and delivery. )

These restrictions do not apply too: 
– Grocery stores, cafeterias within nursing homes or similar facilities.
– Update: We are going to amend the executive order and eliminate the restrictions around Medical Professional offices, Dentists, radiological offices, physical therapy, Healthcare Providers, chiropractic etc and just urge all of those offices with frequent contact to focus on urgent appointments where possible and to please be diligent in pushing social distancingWe’ve tried to be proactive with thoughtful policy guidelinesfor #JerseyCity.

This AM we’ll be reaching out to all of the local grocery stores (3 registers or more) + we’re going to be setting aside hours at supermarkets for elderly residents, ppl w/disabilities and pregnant residents only, during the hours of 9-11am starting Tuesday 3/17. They are our most vulnerable residents + crowded supermarkets are a challenge in particular for these residents.

Beginning today, Mayor Fulop will do live daily updates all week via Facebook at 3 p.m. to answer your concerns/questions. Please email ahead of time.Also, a reminder that all city-run events remain cancelled until further notice. This includes City Council meetings.

Please visit the city’s website dedicated to everything you need to know surrounding the coronavirus and how to keep you and your families safe:
Via Gov. Phil Murphy said Monday people should not leave their homes between 8 p.m. to 5 a.m. to help stop the spread of the coronavirus. The only exceptions, according to the governor’s recommendation, would be emergency or essential travel.

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