Dear Friends and Neighbors, 

The Van Vorst Park Association would like to thank all the members of the Jersey City community who were able to join this year’s holiday celebration with the us, the Barrow Mansion and DCNA. Your participation helped it become one of the year’s best holiday parties. We believe it was truly needed, to help us heal and continue our efforts to bring different parts of our city together. 

We would like to recognize our past President and current board director Oona Moore, for coordinating groups that made the event look beautiful, sound wonderful, taste great and feel terrific. You did an outstanding job!

A special note of gratitude to the VVPA’s own Tom Parisi and The Brightside Tavern for filling our bellies and hearts. 

We also thank all the volunteers that gave of their time and skills to help decorate, serve, greet, clean and entertain. Without you the event would not be possible let alone be as successful. 

Lastly, our hearts and prayers to members of the communities that will be continuing with the struggles from the recent events of December 10, 2019. 

Thank you all and have a blessed holiday season and a triumphant New Year! 


The Directors of the VVPA
VVPA Meeting VVPA Meeting – January 21 – 7pm, Barrow Mansion
Join us for the first meeting of 2020, that will take place on Tuesday, January 21 at 7pm. (VVPA meets every 3rd Tuesday of the month)Stay tuned for agenda & guest speakers. 

As always, we try to bring you as many items of interest that affect our community.  If you have any items that are important to share, please email us

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