Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Call to Order: Ben Bernouy – 7:13 PM 

Van Vorst Park News

  • The new VVPA website: www.vvpajc.org
  • October 12 – Van Vorst Park stoop and sidewalk sale – contact Lorraine Gagliardotto Garry (mercerstreetdesign@mac.com) to be added to the map.
  • Path Riders Council – Accepting applications

Committee Reports 

Treasurers Report

  • Nothing outstanding
  • The VVPA is always accepting donations

Planning & Development Report

  • No updates on Bright & Varick or the Bates Redevelopment 

Guest Speakers and Presentations

Update on Municipal Question #1/Airbnb Referendum: 

  • Jersey City Democratic Organization (JCDO) Committeepeople (F28) – Bertram Okpokwasili and Lorraine Gagliardotto Garry
  • Update on JCDO Committee Meeting
  • JCDO committeemembers heard from the mayor and spokesperson from HTC – be diligent on the Airbnb ordinance, what are the reasons for voting yes on ordinance 
  • Ordinance is in support of reasonable regulation
  • Airbnb is testing regulations in JC because of JC’s referendum 
  • Read the ordinance here | Vote Yes FAQs | Detailed Fact Sheet

DCNA – Necessities Before Amenities campaign

  • DCNA met with Mayor Fulop
  • “Necessities Before Amenities” spurred by conversations with other neighborhood associations 
  • A follow up with city planning & city council tbd
  • DCNA has been in contact with other neighborhood associations in the Heights & Bergen-Lafayette

Assemblyman Nicholas Chiaverlotti 

  • Running for re-election for third term with Angela McKnight
  • No official position of Airbnb ordinance
  • Transportation – concerned with west side of JC – trying to work with local officials to come up with solution 
    • NJ transit decimated under Chris Christie – not enough drivers
    • Light rail – concerned with expiring contract- needs to be engineered- honor system““`
  • Schools – still working on solution 
  • In support of legalization 
  • Contact: AsmChiaravalloti@njleg.org

JC BOE candidates (first of two meet and greets with JC BOE candidates)

Change for Children – 3 candidates spoke

  • Noemi Velazquez
  • Alexander Hamilton 
  • Anthony Sharperson


Freeholder Joel Torres

  • Brief update from Freeholder
    • Hudson County Lead Program run by PACO
    • Update regarding ICE facility: 
      • Plan to completely eliminate
  • Contactjtorres@hcnj.us

Adjourned: 8:55 pm 

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