August 20, 2019

Call to Order: 7:10pm, VIce President Katie Brennan

Committee Reports

  1. Planning & Development 

Bates Street Redevelopment Updates

  • MBC has pulled all applications – Redevelopment plan has been pulled
  • City planning wants to reopen redevelopment plan to change language 

DCNA update

  • DCNA planning & development subcommittee – meeting with Mayor Fulop & City Council in September to address development/high rises that are coming on line/lack of infrastructure– esp. Hamilton/Harsimus/Soho West
  • Presenting united front to city officials

Bright & Varick

  • About 2-3 months behind schedule

Jersey Avenue Bridge Extension

  • Cleared the area to begin construction
  • Footbridge will still be accessible 

333 Grand

  • Applying for penthouse to remain as of right

Treasurers Report

  • Accounts still in process of being transferred to new treasurer 

Upcoming Events


Bhav Tibrewal – Deputy Political Director, Hotel Trades Council (HTC) – information on Airbnb ordinance

  • HTC – Labor union that represents hotel workers 
  • Supports basic regulations on Airbnb
  • Began by giving feedback to mayor
    • In response to quality of life issues caused by Airbnb rentals
  • Ord 19-007
  • Airbnb will continue to rise in JC
  • Ordinance supports registration and regulation of Airbnb
  • Van Vorst resident spoke on quality of life issues caused by living next to an Airbnb rental.

Next Steps: Election Day is November 5, 2019 – ordinance will be up for vote

Helena Guoros – The Urban Garden Companion

Adjourned: 8:43 pm 

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