June 18, 2019

Start: 7:12 PM


  • Website still down. Contact vvpanews@gmail.com
    • Timeline – roughly should be up by August;  end of summer. 
  • Yoga in the Park – Sundays 
  • Films in Van Vorst – starts June 26
  • Bates Street Redevelopment Community Meeting – June 19 – MS 4
    • Being held by Manhattan Building Company
  • Annual Golf Outing – Successful 
    • Plenty opportunities to get involved for next year
  • Raj Mukherji – scheduled to attend September meeting; send in questions related to state issues 

Planning Committee Updates

  • Bright and Varick update
    • Longer work hours versus Saturday work permits

Guest Speakers

  • Carissa Wright, Community Engagement Coordinator – Liberty Humane Society
  • Ward E Councilman James Solomon
    • Newark Pedestrian Plaza
      • Overall a positive 
      • Friday & Saturday night quality of life issues – neighborhood versus nightlife
      • Proposals (1) loading and unloading zone on both sides of Columbus (2) changes to noise ordinance to make it more enforceable (3) rooftops – classify as outdoor entertainment (4) limit on future night clubs – grandfather in current restaurants 
    • Bicycling on sidewalks/scooters
      • Lacking infrastructure to support biking on sidewalks
      • Lacking traffic enforcement
    • Parking updates
      • Park mobile App on meters
  • Bates Street Redevelopment Update 
    • Community meeting tomorrow night – hosted by Manhattan Building Company (MBC)
    • Quality of life issues for immediate neighborhood

Adjourned: 9:05 pm 

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