Late last night, it was brought to the attention of the Van Vorst Park Association that the developer (Manhattan Building Company Inc) in the Bates Street Redevelopment Plan area is having a meeting THIS EVENING to present potential plans with the community.  

The VVPA was never informed about this meeting. We have been informed today that “thousands of flyers” were distributed in our neighborhood.  We have also been told that this will be one of many meetings with the developer to get community feedback that our Ward F Councilman, Jermaine Robinson, will be sponsoring.

One flyer for this evening suggests that there will be a presentation of the newest version of the proposed plans for the site and another flyer is suggesting the meeting will also discuss how the new plans will address affordable housing and create jobs. 

At an informal meeting the developer had with the VVPA’s Planning and Development committee, the new plans presented showed FOUR 50 (FIFTY!) story towers.  This apparently would eliminate the “wall” that would be created by the original plan.

There was no mention of creating any open space but a “community give back” of a community recreation center (located elsewhere in Ward F) and a “give back” of improvements to the underground infrastructure, which they will have to do anyway to build any sort of development.

If you can attend the meeting here’s the information and the flyer that a neighbor took a picture of….

Wednesday May 29th
MS 4, 107 Bright Street

If you can not attend and would like more information please email or call:
Councilman Robinson:
Asheenia Johnson:
201.547.5338 or 201.547.5361

We hope to have better communication with our City representatives prior to their next “Community” meeting.

-Van Vorst Park Association

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